International Visibilization Tour 2023

Adults for Children's Rights are currently on a wonderful tour of visibility and awareness-raising in Morocco, Italy, France, Germany, the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Spain and Portugal. This trip was made possible thanks to the invitation we received from the Institute for Research and Prevention of Child Soldiers based in Dakhla and the contribution of friends of our cause who collaborated to cover the costs of food and transportation between the different cities of Europe. We also count on the help of comrades who offer us solidarity accommodation in each city and in Rome with the survivors associations ECA and Rete L' Abuso. In Paris with ACAF (Assembly of Argentine citizens in France) in Berlin, and in Madrid with AsociaciĆ³n Coloso con pies de barro.

Thank you very much to all of you and hopefully we can change the fate of childhood!

International press conference at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Rome on Thursday, March 9, 2023:


During our stay in Morocco we had encouraging activities with the student community and teachers of the Mohammed V University in Rabat and Hassan II University in Mohammedia. On Saturday March 4, the meeting was with the community of Casablanca at the Cultural Center Moulay Rachid with the director of the International Institute for the study and prevention of child soldiers Mr. Abdelkader Filali, these activities were carried out thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the great Moroccan actor Abdellah Chakiri. We were also able to share our struggle and book with the chief of staff of the National Council for Human Rights, Mr. Mourad Errarhib, a meeting from which several projects emerged that we hope to be able to realize.


Exciting activity with survivors of child soldiers.