International Visibilization Tour 2023

Between February and April 2023 we carried out a wonderful public visibility tour through Morocco, Italy, France, Germany, the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Spain and Portugal, during which we traveled 35,599 km for 42 days.

In this extraordinary trip we had the opportunity to share with the community our collective work trajectory, testimonies, and our book "Somos Sobrevivientes" (We are Survivors). We also had enriching meetings with associations and representatives of civil society.

In addition, we presented our urgent cause of children's human rights to officials of the European Union at its headquarters in Brussels, Unesco, the Council of Europe and the governments of France, Spain and Morocco, and held an international press conference at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Rome. And to crown the tour, we had the honor of presenting our book "We are Survivors" at the headquarters of the José Saramago Foundation in Lisbon.

This tour was made possible thanks to a generous invitation we received from the "International Center for Research and Prevention of Child Soldiers" of Morocco and to the indispensable economic contribution of friends of our collective cause who collaborated to cover the expenses of food and transportation between the different cities of Europe. Also thanks to the solidarity of our comrades, we were provided with a wonderful and warm accommodation in Rome by the survivors' associations ECA and Rete L' Abuso, in Paris by ACAF (Assembly of Argentine Citizens in France), in Berlin by Tauwetter, in Madrid by Asociación Coloso con pies de barro, and in Lisbon by the José Saramago Foundation.

We also received institutional support from the Argentine Foreign Ministry through the Argentine embassies in the European countries we visited.

International press conference at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Rome on Thursday, March 9, 2023: