Campaign to stop the media from being accomplices of sexual abusers

Between August and November 2020, we carried out a national campaign to generate a collective debate and demand that the mass media not continue to be accomplices of convicted sexual abusers by using supposedly funny phrases of infamous pedophiles.


Since for years expressions such as "the base is" of the convicted pedophile Hector "Bambino" Veira, who committed his crime at the same time in which our founder Sebastian Cuattromo suffered sexual abuse at the Marianist School and went to the soccer field to watch his favorite team, San Lorenzo de Almagro, having to suffer the nightmare of listening to thousands of adults making fun of Veira's child victim, since the media of that time had made his name known and treated the subject from a deeply irresponsible perspective.


This petition had a formidable tour from Ushuaia to La Quiaca with debates and journalistic notes all over the country, in addition to about 44,000 signatures. Showing that adult society in general and journalists in particular are beginning to consider the reiterated attitude of social and cultural permission towards the crime of sexual abuse and its perpetrators.