Meeting with the President of the Argentine Republic on November 19, International Day for the Fight Against Sexual Abuse

On November 19, 2021, in the framework of the International Day for the Fight against Sexual Abuse, the Adults for Children's Rights were received by the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, at the Casa Rosada.
Meeting of significant symbolic, public and institutional value to which we attended accompanied by our wonderful book "Somos Sobrevivientes, crónicas de abuso sexual en la infancia", and by Claudia Aboaf, Félix Bruzzone and Fabián Martínez Siccardi, three of its excellent authors.
On this occasion we held an intense, frank and auspicious meeting with the Head of State in which we shared our testimonies as survivors of sexual abuse in childhood and protectors of child victims in the present (as we have been doing for years in the most diverse social environments of our country) to make visible our urgent collective cause, and to question and call upon the inexcusable responsibilities of the State as guarantor of the rights of children in general and against the crime of sexual abuse in particular.
At the same time, the authors of "We Are Survivors" proposed to the President that the State incorporate the book as an indispensable public work material for the visibility and awareness of this injustice.